Essential Luxuries for Cancer was born out of my personal experience of going through breast cancer treatment, following a breast cancer diagnosis which came out of the blue in 2006.
There were literally days between having a routine biopsy done, and being admitted to hospital for surgery, and there were many things I needed to get hold of quickly to help me through my treatment, which I was unable to  source at such short notice. Specifically for me, these were non-wired bras, cashmere beanies, and organic skincare products to use during radiotherapy.
I was also consistently aware, during my 7 months of treatment, of how hard it was for my family and friends back in England to find ways to support me and to show me that they were thinking of me everyday. It is very difficult to know what to buy for someone going through chemotherapy and radiotherapy, and people who haven’t been through it are very conscious not to say, do, or buy the wrong thing. Consequently, gifts for cancer patients are a big part of this site.
As time has gone on, and I officially celebrated five years post-treatment in the middle of 2012, I still think back to that time, and feel strongly that it should be easier for people going through cancer treatment, and their loved ones, to be able to find the things they need, and to treat themselves and others. The aim of this site then is to provide one central location during this difficult time, and to provide small joys and cancer support for you or your loved ones who are going through treatment. We give practical suggestions about what sort of things you need, and why. We are at the luxury end of the market, and consciously so, but luxury can start at as little as $4.50 for an organic aloe vera spray, hand picked by us for the quality of its ingredients. There is so little that you can enjoy over a long period of treatment, and you really deserve to have something very special, something to lift your spirits and touch your heart. Many of our products will bring happiness long after treatment is over.
Our range includes: pure cashmere beanies, (the best chemo hats!); shawls and socks; pure linen bedding and good hospital pyjamas; and silk cami sets and kimonos. Bed has been a focus, as this is where you tend to spend most of your time during treatment, and we also carry a range of organic skin care and beauty products, as well as beautiful non-wired bras from boutique designers in New York, Paris and Italy for those of you going through breast cancer treatment. In 2014 we launched our own range of bras for breast cancer, Bras Without Wires in organic cotton. The treatment will always be tough, but based on my experience, there are little treats that make the journey easier.
Our range includes gifts and product ideas for women and men. We are constantly looking at new products that are both beautiful and practical, and we welcome any ideas and suggestions.
A percentage of the individual sale item of some marked products, will be donated to cancer research, through foundations and charities. We are proud to be a supporter of the breast cancer charity, the National Breast Cancer Foundation, and support the crucial research which will one day find a cancer cure.
Whether it’s you, your friends or your family going through cancer treatment, do let us know your thoughts and feedback, and what else you would like to see on the site. Or if you or your company has a product or service that you think would benefit this community, please be in touch.
Thanks for visiting.
Stephanie Devine