Thanks so much for the advice. My aunt spoke to my mum and she is so happy to have such softness for her very sore scalp!
On a personal level, I am so impressed that you have been to create something so positive from what so many people would have seen as a negative situation. The additional beauty of your idea is that you make things just a little bit easier for others.
Susie – March 2014
Thank you so much for my cap. It is wonderful-I’m having a problem with my scalp being very sore and the softness of it gives a bit of relief. Obviously your friend knows what problems people go through.It’s a whole different world at the moment that I’m experiencing and little acts of kindness like you have just done means so much.
Big hugs and kisses Susie -you are very thoughtful – from Margaret to her neice
Susie – March 2014
The beanies arrived yesterday morning – how quick is that!
My partner wore his last night and is delighted with it….they are just gorgeous!  I think I may have to look as socks as well!
Adele – Feb 14
Thanks so much for quick delivery with the lovely linen pjs, didn’t want to take them off to wash.  Love your desire to help and as soon as I’m past this stage of breast size etc after radio and mastectomy, i will be buying your bras.
RM – Feb 14
I love the warmth, comfort and style of the beanies and am looking at purchasing the other two colours.
You have compiled some beautiful products for a really difficult time. Your website has made a difference to my journey and was a positive discovery at a really dark time.
Jane – Feb 2014
Thank you very much for sending the order today.
I was searching online for a good gift to get my girlfriend for valentines day now that she’s started chemo and came across your site.
I thought that they’d make appropriate gifts since she isn’t feeling well enough for the usual chocolates or going out to celebrate and flowers seem to much like a “get well soon”. I’m putting together a few things to hopefully make her feel better, the cashmere from your site…
M – Sydney Feb 2014
I am starting chemo next week.  In the last eight weeks I have been navigating my away around the next steps.
I have been struck by the lack of nice bras, maternity bras are much prettier than surgical or non wired bras, not sure why!
I think your site will do so well as it is difficult navigating around the skincare products also.
Betty – Feb 14
i just got my bra and i love it!
it is super comfortable and pretty too.
thanks very much and good luck with your business…you are doing beautiful work.
laura – Canada October 13
Hi Stephanie,
Parcel arrived today, thank you so much they are beautiful wish I had one when I was bald! I am looking forward to showing our breastcare nurses and my committee I am sure they will love them too!
Donna – October 13
Hi Stephanie.
I received my purchases yesterday. Love them!!!  Looking forward to rocking some great post surgery looks in my new gear.
I look forward to coming back
Ruth – Sep 13
Hi Stephanie,
I have been stalking your site for a couple of weeks, you have beautiful products. I hope to return many,many more times for the gorgeous lingerie once I have completed my surgery. I am also loving the bed linen ( i will be back) i found the site after reading a blog on style me, which I found after googling what to wear after a mastectomy. Good luck with everything, I love your story and wish you well with your health and business. Oh a perfect gift I received that you hadn’t covered was the book the cancer fighting kitchen by Rebecca Katz. Could be a new product for you?
Warmest regards
Ruth – Sep 13
Hi Stephanie
I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and my breast cancer nurse included a brochure about your products amongst all the info she sent me.  I have to start chemo shortly and will no doubt lose my hair. The cashmere beanies looked so soft & warm and ideal to wear when the weather turns colder. Thanks for sending it to me so promptly.
Anne – April 13
Hi Stephanie,
I found your site when I googled what to give to someone who is fighting cancer. My sister in law is going through chemo and someone (unfortunately a family member!) made a very insensitive comment about her eyelashes being gone yesterday, so I wanted to send her something to make her feel beautiful. I really liked the stories I saw on your site, so I am hoping the items I ordered will bring up her spirits.
Thank you again!
S – May 13
Thanks for the delivery.  I am pleased to say they fit and much nicer than what i got through the breast care nurse.  I am headed for radio next so may have a look at the new bras you are getting.
Lynette – May 13
Hi Steph,
The PJ’s are great! Exactly how they should be.
Anja – May 13
Hi Steph,
I hope you don’t mind me calling you that for short, thanks so much for your reply and for my order I received it today, and I have to say that the beanie’s feel absolutely beautiful,and I am sure that they will on my little bald head…. thanks again love for the heavenly products and if you think I might need anything else please advise.
Lynn – May 13
Hi Stephanie
Received all my beautiful product and have ordered more!! It is such a wonderful service and it is just so nice to feel nice and fresh and comfortable, I feel a bit hollywood in the PJ’s in fact, very Catherine Hepburn – a woman of great strength also!
The Cashmere is stunning and the fact that blush is my favorite colour helps.
Thank you so much again and thank you for having the foresight to do something so wonderful.
Trish – May 13
Dear Stephanie,
Thank you very much, the beannie has arrived safe and sound and also the gift which was so nice of you.
The beannie is very soft and cosy and am sure it will be exactly what is needed.
Am still recovering from No 1 chemo effects but gradually recovering.
Best wishes
Hi there,
Just been diagnosed with cancer and discovered your website via a flyer at my oncologists office this afternoon, brilliant work!,
Lisa x – Sep 13
Hello Stephanie … thank you so much for your ever so prompt attention, I have received my lovely soft and light creation and it’s just what I was hoping.   thanks and best wishes Steph,
Jenny – July 13
Hi Stephanie
I’ve just received my beanie, it is lovely and so soft! Also thank you very much for the hand spray & Paw paw balm, they will both come in very handy, especially with winter coming.
The beanie has arrived just in time as I have only just started my treatment 1 week ago, so it won’t be long now till I start losing my hair. Not looking forward to it but I have a lovely supply of hats to keep my head warm!
Anne – May 13
Many thanks for promptly attending to this. It’s exceptionally challenging knowing what to get someone who’s dealing with a life challenge – my friend has breast cancer which has metastasized to the bone and she doesn’t like to be reminded about it.  I just hope she takes the gifts the right way!!
After a lot of head-scratching about what to buy her for her birthday, I did some trawling online and came across your site.  It struck a chord.
Thanks again and I wish you ongoing good health.
S – March 2014
Thanks for being so prompt with the order. I am really looking forward to wearing something pretty. I was delighted to find, at last,  a choice of nice bras without wires. I picked up one of your fliers at Fran Boyle’s, (she’s my oncologist ) , rooms, the Poche centre North sydney. Thanks once again.
Judy – Jan 13
Hi  Stephanie,
Thank you for your email,  I loved your site and your card was handed to me by the lovely Lisa  at The Clinic at Bondi Junction.
It was quite timely as I have a friend who will look very beautiful in your little beanie and socks.  I will pass on your card to her for future reference.
I wish you every success with your very special products.
Warmest wishes,
Julie – Dec 12
Thank you so much for dropping the beanie off – it’s absolutely gorgeous!!
And thank you for the hand sanitiser – I’m actually going away so will come in great use.
Good luck with Essential Luxuries for Cancer, it’s a wonderful wonderful idea!
Natasha – Nov 12
‘More beanie feedback… Jenn has just cone thru roughest chemo yet… Rang specially to say couldn’t have survived past  few days without hers which still hasn’t come off… Literally cries at thought of all this without it. Feels agonizingly vulnerable if she takes it off for more than five mins… Desperate for summer version . I must say i cant believe so much emotion around a hat!!! But then i havent been on this terrible journey.. Btw she  is happy  to say anything you want… Perhaps i should give you her number if you want some quotes… Thanks steph xxx’
This is wonderful feedback on the ELFC Heaven on your Head reversible cashmere beanie from my friend Marion. What I love most is not only how good Jenn feels about this beanie, (as I did about mine during treatment), but also how great Marion feels having given her a gift she loves. It’s so hard to know how to support a cancer patient, and what to buy for a cancer patient, but this beanie is a winner every time. A wonderful result all round. Thanks Marion and good luck Jenn!